Dart Boards


Galaxy III
by Arachnid

Galaxy III LIVE Commercial Electronic Dart Machine
The latest league dart machine from Arachnid, the Galaxy 3 LIVE features Dual “Flip” Dartboards (Traditional 15″ + European-Sized 13″ Boards), Worldwide Player Rankings plus Arachnid’s “League Leader” Paperless Software !

Also new is the LED Illuminated Dart Target and Marquee – Strips of LED Lights line the side of the cabinet giving the player a well-lit darthead to throw at. These same LED’s can be configured to display patterns of color to attract players to the game.  The new Galaxy 3 is also capable
of playing across the internet and across the world – This means players or teams in your own bar or other location can play against other players or teams across town, or across the globe ! The Galaxy 3 LIVE comes supplied with (2)
Play Tracking Video Cameras located on the top of the cabinet, one of which is angled towards the dart face,
so that the other player can see every dart hit, and the other camera being pointed toward the player – Very cool !

Galaxy III LIVE Electronic Dart Machine Features :

 New On-Screen “Player Feats” and Game Graphics !
 New White + Multicolored LED Target Illumination !
 Quick Flip and Adjustable 15″ and 13″ Dart Heads !
 New Wired or Wireless Internet Connectivity !
 New Online Play + Play Against Others Worldwide !
 New Target + Player Cameras Tracks Online Play !
 Real Time Stats Updated Instantly On Screen !
 Free Software Updates From The Factory !
 Coin / DBA model comes with above + Pyramid 500
Note Bill Stacker -Accepts $1 , $5, $10 & $20 notes.

Games included are : (6) 301 Games, (6) 501 Games, (6) 701 Games, Cricket 200, Hammer Cricket, Team Hammer, Cut Throat Cricket, Team Cricket, Quick Cricket, Wild Card Cricket, Cricket Quickie, Tic Tack Darts Bermuda Triangle, Gotcha!, Count Up and Count Down Games.

Online Service Required : Wired or Wireless Internet Connection required for League Leader and Remote Play Plus $100 USD Per Year Fee For League Leader Account, and additional $100 USD Per Year For Remote Play Option Payment for online services is handled directly by factory. Note that you must subscribe to a League Leader account before you can offer Remote Play to your customers

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Cougar EYE2

The Shelti Dart Game replacing the Cougar 8 dart game. This all new game shares many of the features of the Cougar 8. This includes the folding cabinet, target, and the outstanding reliability of the C-8 Eye 2 is also bill acceptor comparable and has NDA & ADA score handicap system built in.

Call for product pricing and availability.