Here’s your chance to own a limited-edition Pac-Man classic arcade machine! It’s Pac-Man the way you remember it with the familiar yellow housing and orange accents. A special 30th anniversary edition, this beloved arcade game machine features three games in one: Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga@. Order one of these great classic arcade machines and take a huge chomp out of boredom! This authentic arcade game machine delivers fun straight from the 80s! Our Pac-man classic arcade machines work just like those you used to play decades ago! Zoom around the maze, chomping pellets while being chased by evil ghosts. Or blast evil hordes of insect-like Galaga fighters. You get it all in one classic arcade machine! Get the classic arcade machine that redefined American entertainment! State-of-the-art circuitry provides same images and sounds as the original. Classic arcade machines feature same buttons, toggles and feel you remember. Content is suitable for all ages. Turn your rec room into a family-friendly arcade with a classic arcade machine! Our Pac-man game is not only an arcade game machine, it’s a time machine! Gobble your way through Pac-land and soon you’ll be transported back to the 80s. Order one of these great classic arcade machines today!

Dimensions: Height: 68″, Width: 24″, Depth: 33″, Weight: 395 Lbs

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