Catch that Basketball fever! The Hoop Fever Basketball Game will get anyone in the mood to play some ball. It’s constructed of steel and wood so you can be sure that this game will last you for years. Noted not only for its superior quality, but also for being one of the most maintenance-free games on the market, this Basketball Game is a guaranteed winner! Catch the fever with the Hoop Fever Basketball Game today!


• Steel and wood construction

• Offers options of 1 to 4 players

• Three Adjustable Heights: 8′ 6″, and 9′

• Can be set to freeplay or coin operated

• The most durable and cost-efficient basketball game available

• Stationary basket

• 3D Backlight

• Accessories Included: 9″ Basketballs

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Smart Industries’ extremely popular basketball game is back with an updated look! Score enough points on the first round and you get the chance to play up to 2 more rounds with the moving hoop. Link up to 16 games together for head-to-head competition.

    • Great sound effects and music
    • Durable polycarbonate backboard
    • Link up to 16 units for head-to-head competition
    • 3 Rounds of play (2 rounds with Moving Hoop Action)
    • Includes five 8” basketballs (can use 7” up to regulation 9” balls)
    • Multi-colored Rope Lights with speed and pattern control
    • Adjustable Playing Time

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      • by Skeeball

    The Super Shot offers all of the excitement of the fast-paced basketball shooting game you remember from your youth, but updates the package with modern components. Skee Ball has enhanced the lighting for a more stunning visual display, while the time / score board is easy to see while playing. Enhanced game play, with simple back-and-forth movement of the backboard during play, adds to an awesome experience!


        • Moving Backboard
        • Real Basketball Sound Effects
        • Five (5) Super Shot Basketballs
        • Exact Same Commerical Unit as Found in Arcades
        • Dimensions: W 34″ x D 126″ x H 108

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      Collegiate Hoops
        • by ICE


      Programmable gameplay from 30-60 seconds

      Removable top arch to accommodate 8ft. (96”) ceilings

      Real hardwood floor

      Uses same basketballs as Hoop Fever and NBA Hoops

      Includes strobing LED’s that move from front to back of cabinet



      Ticket dispenser

      Dollar Bill Acceptor


      Assembled Dimensions:
      100″L x 39″W x 108″H (or lowered to 96″)

      Shipping Dimensions and Weight:
      96″L X 49″W X 78″H x 584 lbs.

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        NBA Game Time
          • by ICE

        ICE NBA Game Time Custom NBA Team Basketball Arcade Machine | Choose your favorite NBA Team to create a custom Basketball Arcade experience! New Product and Full info coming soon!

        Optional Deluxe Marquee Sign
        Optional Single Game Beacon Light
        Optional Game Link + Beacon Light
        Optional Ticket Dispenser
        Optional Swipe Card Install (Each
        Optional Dollar Bill Acceptor | Stacker
        Optional 220 Volt Power Conversion

        Power Requirements : 110 Volts | Optional 220V
        Electrical Usage : 110V @ 6A | 220V @ 3A
        Players : 1 Player Basketball Sports Arcade Game

        NBA Game Time Custom Model Basketball Dimensions :
        Height: 99″, Width: 39″, Depth: 105″

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          Buzzer Bee-Ter Basketball
            • by Bencmark

          The new Buzzer Bee-Ter Basketball offers an intense

            • one or two player court hoops action, in a very bright
            • and colorful eye-catching cabinet ! Buzzer Beeter is
            • also linkable to other units for engaging, multi-player basketball player competition to encourage group play !

          Buzzer Bee-Ter Basketball comes with a Swing Hoop,
          and was designed and constructed to a be foldable
          basketball machine for quick packing and transportation,
          and can also be used as a ticket redemption sports
          arcade game with the available optional ticket dispenser.

          Buzzer Bee-Ter Basketball Arcade Game Features :

          ▪ Fun Game Play and Sound – Suitable For All Ages
          ▪ Bright, Dependable, Long Lasting LED Lighting
          ▪ Attractive, Eye-Catching Game Cabinet !
          ▪ Operator Programmable Game Settings
          ▪ Convenient + Large Pullout Ticket Drawers
          ▪ Optional LED Lighted Canopy Top Available
          ▪ Optional Ticket Dispenser Available

          Buzzer Bee-Ter Basketball Arcade Game Dimensions
          Height: 97″, Width: 37″, Depth: 93″, Weight: 746 Lbs

          Call for product pricing and availability.